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Machine Listing - Packaging Equipment

IEN 118321

  AEC Whitlock Vactrac Conveying and Bag Filling System, Featuring: Vortex Filter Chamber (VFCB225), S/N 99A0373, VT Control Panel S/N 99A0375, VT Power Unit (VTP10) 460/3/60 S/N 99A037, Vacuum Hopper (TF302G) S/N 99A0372, Fischbein PILS-200 Poly Inner Liner Heat Sealer S/N L001121498, Model #9700 Vibra-Pak Scale, (Microprocessor controlled bag filling scale used to fill open mouth paper or poly bags) 3 stage filling capability, bulk, dribble and trim, Production capacity 120 to 180 bags per hour in 20lb & 50lb mode, Rice Lake Weighing Systems Scale, Model IQ+800-3A, S/N 98-12118, Slidell Bag Flattener, S/N 153-000-590-299, Arrow Air Dryer, S/N 2452373-013, Curtis Compressor, S/N 24-68-120, 2 Ensign box tilters S/N 2954 and 2955, Window’s based industrial process control PC, Manufactured in 1999, FOB Location Toronto Canada,